Time is love, gotta run…



I think the older I get the more valuable time becomes. 

When we are young, we (seem) to have all the time in the world. Some of my younger summers appear to be like two or three years in present time. As I grow, I find there is only time for what I want most. Each day there is sacrifice.

Some days I want to stay at work a little longer to earn brownie points, but this means less time in the comfort of my home…

Some days I want so badly to lie in the hot sun and enjoy the lack of current responsibility, but this means I will not be productive…

Some days I want to dwell in time with myself, but this means I will miss out on time with people I love…

Some days I want to stay for an extra glass of wine, but this means I won’t have time for a workout…

Some days I want to stay up a little later and catch up with old friends, but this means I will have less sleep behind my eyes come morning…


I’ve found that life is truly a huge, impossible, lovely, fascinating and dangerous juggling act.

I am constantly challenging myself to find the balance that will keep me sane. As time goes on, my time has become easier to prioritize. I think as you start to realize how short life is, you realize that you do indeed have to let yourself indulge in seizing the moment. Not to say that you shouldn’t be responsible and allocate your time accordingly and make good decisions and blah de blah blah but…there are some times when you have to just do things because right then, right now, right HERE it is what you want most.

You may have another moment, another chance…but it will never be the exact same. 

Living is a talent, and I hope l become more talented with each passing day. 

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