What you have to understand




“Someone said they might have seen you where the ocean meets the land
So I’ve been out here all night lookin’ for your footprints in the sand
Did you hear the ocean singing and baby did you sing along?
While you danced out in the water to some ol’ forgotten song,
Were you even here at all?

Me I’ve been lookin’ for you baby, I’ve been lookin’ for you baby…”


What you have to understand: 

Chocolate makes you feel better

be it morning, noon or night.

Wine doesn’t hurt much, either.

Some days a positive attitude gets you through, 

and some days a positive attitude can just go fuck itself.

Crying can be good for you.

Laughing can be better.

Don’t expect much from people,

they often don’t understand how much you need.

Online shopping was invented for a (very good) reason.

Life has a way of working itself out.

It many not seem like it at this particular moment

(or any recent moment)

but the best is yet to come.

And if that ain’t the truth, 

I choose to believe in it anyway.





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