About me


My name is Sarah, and I am a 21 year old girl with a 90 year old spirit. I love people after meeting them for five minutes and wish I had more time to talk to strangers. My obsessions range from avocados to good ball point pens. My life is centered around my family, friends, and a very special boy. I don’t do well with sitting still and I am the self proclaimed queen of procrastination. I adore good music but can also jam out to crappy top 40 hits. I love spontaneity but also find myself to be anxiety prone. I find joy in eating healthy, exercising and finding the balance for a happy heart and mind. I dream of traveling far and wide, being an excellent friend and taking the time to learn photography. I think I am both complex and simple at the same time, and on most days this is a blessing more than it is a curse.

More than anything, I am an open book – so feel free to pick my brain.

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