(Ever) Lasting Love

“As long as the sun shall rise goes the old lovers vow. But we are children of a scientific age & have no time for poetry. Still, I offer a quiet prayer of thanks for the sunlight each time I see your face. ” (StoryPeople)


Today is my grandparents 56th wedding anniversary. They have been in love a lot longer than that, but I think the number itself is pretty remarkable. My grandparents are some of my greatest role models in love and I think it is because they made theirs last. It didn’t last by pure luck or because they never fought or found themselves discouraged in their relationship. It happened because they were willing to work for their love. Love is not something that comes without sweat, hard work, tears, and a brilliant sense of humour. My grandparents have certainly had their share of hard times, but instead of throwing in the towel when things were less than ideal, they kept at it. In my opinion, the key to a lasting love is the certainty that love is worth fighting for. You can’t have the good without the bad – but if you endure the bad, you might just be able to have a lot more good.

My grandparents are best friends. They exercise brutal honesty and intense sarcasm with one another. They roll their eyes and fight over the little things. They travel the world hand in hand and have the most fun just being in eachother’s company.

Some say they are “lucky” to find true love, and while it is true that there is a certain air of luck to finding someone who gets you, I think the real luck comes in having someone who cares about you enough to stick it out in the best of times and the worst of times. Its great if somebody loves you when you are having the time of your life. It’s really great if somebody loves you when you are having the wars of your life.

I hope I learn from my grandparents in that I always work towards my love and never let it fade. I hope I never lose sight of the value of love, and remember that it needs upkeep just like anything else…

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite love birds.


2 thoughts on “(Ever) Lasting Love

  1. I found your blog while browsing, but I really enjoyed this entry! My grandparents had a unique love story, which I have struggled to write about because it was a complex relationship, conflicted with both positive and negative. I loved that you posted the photos of them when they were both younger and older. This has inspired me to write a blog based on a photo of my own grandparents. Aren’t family love stories the best ones? Congratulations on a great blog! : )

    • Thanks for the encouragement! My grandparents are a huge part of my life, and their love story is definitely admirable. I think all love stories should be told at some point – I will definitely be looking out for your blog post!

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